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We have been extremely impressed by the quality of work that Kriang has produced so far. Kriang is an extremely talented young man who technically possesses advanced skills across all facets of web design and development. Professionally, Kriang is measured, unassuming, insightful and a pleasure to work with. Kriang also continues to try and improve himself by learning new ways to improve the way he works and the quality of his work. Kriang has managed this whilst juggling a challenging Masters degree which highlights his ability to manage his workload and communicate to stakeholders in a timely and effective manner. What separates Kriang from all other web developers we have encountered is his creativity and respectful manner in which he works toward team objectives.

Jimmy Zhong & Daniel Chu
Founders of Akagu

Responsible for bringing the project to life, I was involved in all the stages and facets of building Akagu. From the branding(initial) right to deployment. The “KAGU” is a rare bird (on the brink of extinction) found in the Australian/New Zealand region and is also white in color, thus representing luxury and rareness, which directly coincides with the initial brief. The site was then built to portray and align with the brand in a subtle manner using a minimalist approach.

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