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It has been an utmost pleasure to work with Kriangsak as he is an extremely knowledgeable web developer with a strong work ethic and attention to details. Throughout the project he impressed me with his brilliant design ideas and the sophisticated backend system that allows us to easily update our website and inform our customers about new products. He truly understood our company needs and gave us the solution we were looking for. I have experienced him as a highly motivated person who is always available on short notice and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to create a professional website.

Eric Egger
Founder at Eric-Son

Innovation is what drove Eric-Son to where it is today. Keeping that in mind and that the company has been in operation for more than 30 years in several countries, the executives at the company realised that their brand image was coming of age and that it was time to give the company aa new standing. The main reason for this was to differentiate themselves in the highly competitve power plants design and construction business market as well as to serve as an image for its recent internationalisation.

The Eric-Son branding signifies energy in its crudest and simplest form; the atom – with the motion of electrons changing energy form. And from that, several options were considered that delivered what the company stood for and valued. The site was built keeping the end users in mind who will most likely be decision makers but is also valid for engineers or technicians in large energy related corporations. Thus, keeping the site clean, simple and elegant was key. It was also important for the site and its content to be accessible on all device sizes considering that most of the internet surfed today occurs via portable (mobile/tablets) devices; Therefore, responsive design was employed. The site was built on an easy to use custom CMS (Content Management System) so as to make content editing an easy task for the web administrator.

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