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It has been an utmost pleasure working with Kriangsak on a website project. I had undertaken a rebranding project of a budget hotel in Bangkok, whereby I needed a web designer who would truly understand my needs in detail ranging from aesthetics to the technical aspects of incorporating a booking system. Kriangsak’s attention to detail was absolutely brilliant whereby he would come with various designs and ideas to our weekly meetings. Kriangsak has an excellent work ethic whereby he would always be attentive and note down everything that was discussed in a meeting, never did I have to remind him twice about something. Our initial plan of incorporating a booking system was scrapped soon after we put Kriangsak on the project as he came up with a brilliant idea that was tailored exactly to what we required, in saying that, we did not have to outsource our booking system anymore saving multiple yearly costs. Kriangsak will always formulate a part of our future projects where web development is required, he is already on the verge of securing another project from us in a completely different industry which shows our confidence in his work. His ability to formulate ideas and articulate them in an organized manner will always keep him ahead of his competition in web development. Along with his skills, his dedication and work ethic go far beyond “getting the job done”! One can say he is a serious web developer that truly understands his client’s needs and requirements.

Ramon Sachdev
Managing Director at Journey@18

A fun and relaxing place to stay during your vacations is what Journey@18 is all about. Taking into consideration these keywords, the branding and the website was designed and developed. The site was built on a custom CMS where payment gateway (PAYPAL) was also implemented so as to create a complete online reservation solution.

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